Ask Andrew: Bathtub Optional?

Ask Andrew: Bathtub Optional?

As featured on Bethesda Now

By: Andrew Goodman

Ask Andrew: Bathtub Optional?Q: I’m looking at purchasing a condo that has only a shower, not a bathtub. Is a bathtub truly necessary?

A: I would certainly recommend having at least one bathtub in your condo or home. When looking at purchasing a property, I always look at who could or would be able to purchase the property later on (resale). A bathtub allows many options for a family.

If you choose to purchase a property without a bathtub, you could be limiting yourself from future resale buyers who have little children or those with special needs.

I don’t believe having a soaking tub in a 1-bedroom condo is as necessary as having a tub in a 2-bedroom condo. Typically, there would be a maximum of two adults occupying a 1-bedroom with 1-bath condo, so unless those buyers enjoy baths, it’s not as necessary. However, it’s not unusual for parents or single adults to live in a 1-bedroom condo with a small child.

When purchasing a 2-bedroom condo or anything larger than that, I would highly recommend making sure you have a tub or plan to install one.

Many family size combinations could fit into a 2-bedroom. A couple, a couple with one child, a couple with two children, or more could all occupy a property with at least two bedrooms. Therefore, if you choose to sell the property at some point, you have greater resale potential.

In my experience, I usually see buyers’ eyes light up when they see a nice fancy shower.

They don’t tend to get as excited to see a tub. The bottom line is that modern showers are “in.” However, a stand-up shower doesn’t always meet the needs of all buyers. Even though tubs may not be as sexy, they are more functional than showers, and are more practical for multiple uses.

If you’re renovating a bathroom and installing a tub, make sure you choose the right tub. You can’t go wrong with a standard tub that doesn’t have any jets associated with it.

But if you do want jets, please understand the maintenance necessary to clean a jetted tub. Skin and other infections can occur if the jetted tub is not maintained or cleaned properly. Another product to achieve the same “Jacuzzi” effect is an air bath.

Air baths, such as bubble tubs, create air bubbles but don’t need as much maintenance, since water is not circulating inside the structure of the tub. Instead of circulating the water with jets, the air bath blows air out to cause the bubbles.

Even if you don’t take baths, I would highly recommend making sure your property has at least one bathtub, especially if it has two full bathrooms. Without one, you could jeopardize your investment by eliminating prospective buyers with a wider range of needs.