Ask Andrew: House Hunters (TV) vs Real Life

Ask Andrew: House Hunters (TV) vs Real Life

By: Andrew Goodman

House Hunters (TV) vs Real LifeQ: When I view a home, I try to analyze the home as they do on the TV show House Hunters. Is there something I should be doing differently?

A: House Hunters is on TV and is on the air for ratings, not necessarily to show someone how to buy a home. Not saying it is inaccurate, but there is a lot more that goes into showing/viewing a home than what the show broadcasts.

Quite often, on the first time out with a client, my client(s) will stop once we are done viewing the home and give me feedback. However, the feedback is given as if he/she was on TV not in real life. I always mention to my clients that buying a home is not like what you see on House Hunters. When buying a home, you are stuck with your decision, an expensive decision. So you should be more critical of the home that you could potentially be purchasing.

Most buyers look at the cosmetics of the home; the granite countertops, the stainless steel appliances, hardwoods, etc. Those items are important and are what homeowners look at and admire on a daily basis. However, those items are fairly easy to replace (but can be expensive). When I show a home, I don’t mention the granites, stainless steel, etc. (like the TV show), as my clients can see that and determine if it meets their fancy as everyone’s styles and preferences are different. Instead, I’m concerned with the items that my clients may not see nor understand. Such as, an old furnace, rusted water heater, subpar craftsmanship, etc. I am not a home inspector, nor a licensed contractor, but I do want to share things with a home that I believe could be of concern. There are a million contractors out there that go into a property, paint it, install new appliances, put granite down, and call it a renovation. I want to make sure my clients know what they are getting into when purchasing a home and hopefully prevent my clients from purchasing the wrong home.

House Hunters shows the big picture of house hunting; house size, location, upgrades, etc. to their viewers. A real buyer should be looking at those factors as well as a lot more:

-Signs Mold



-Floor plan


– Schools

Make sure that you are informed about everything with the home. You don’t want to end up buying a money pit (a home that you end up having to keep putting money into to repair or replace things).

Be sure to consult with a Realtor that is knowledgeable and understands what to look for in a home and be sure to have a home inspection done by a licensed home inspector. Buying a home is not a TV show, but a major real life decision and investment!