Ask Andrew: Should I Buy A Townhome With A Garage?

Ask Andrew:  Should I Buy A Townhome With A Garage?

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By: Andrew Goodman

Ask Andrew: Should I Buy A Townhome With A Garage?Q: I am looking at townhomes and I don’t know if it makes a difference whether I purchase one with a garage. Thoughts?

A: This is a personal preference type of thing. Some folks like having a garage for their car or storage. Others like having the assigned spaces in the front of their home. Either way, think about the following before making your purchase.

Reduces Livable Space: When purchasing a townhome, think of a box. Draw a rectangle inside that box that would represent the floor plan of the level where the possible garage would go.

What you’ll notice is that by having a garage, you’re significantly reducing the amount of livable space on that floor. In some townhomes, the garage eliminates almost one whole floor of livable space. Most townhomes with garages have the garage on the lower level. If that’s the case, a garage is reducing the uses of that level.

Tight Squeeze: If you purchase a townhome with a 1-car garage, the size of the garage may not fit all car sizes. Even if the garage does fit your car, you may struggle to open your car door without the door slamming into the side of the wall. You purchase a home with a garage to be able to park your car in it, but if it’s too small for that…then what’s the point?

Tandem Parking: A townhome with a garage may have a small driveway associated with it to park a second vehicle. The problem is whenever you have the second car parked in the driveway and want to drive the car in the garage. You’ll have to move one to get the other out. Instead, if you have two assigned parking spaces, coming and going with either car won’t be an issue.

If you can live with the items mentioned above, then having a garage is a good thing. No one likes having to clean the snow off of his or her car, or walking in the rain to get inside the home.

I enjoy my garage and wouldn’t be able to live in a home without one. However, I am willing to deal with the items mentioned above to be able to park my car inside and have covered storage for other items.