Ask Andrew: The Truth About Power Lines

Ask Andrew: The Truth About Power Lines

As featured on Bethesda Now

By: Andrew Goodman

Ask Andrew: The Truth About Power LinesQ: I have been looking at homes in the Olney area and noticed a bunch of the ones in my price range are near or overlook large power lines. Power lines have a bad stigma and I was hoping you could shine some light on the topic.

A:  Power lines do have a bad stigma and a reputation as an eyesore.

There’s also the nagging concern we Realtors hear often that power lines can cause cancer.

According to The National Cancer Institute, “Although a study in 1979 pointed to a possible association between living near electric power lines and childhood leukemia, more recent studies have had mixed findings. Currently, researchers conclude that there is little evidence that exposure to ELF-EMFs from power lines causes leukemia, brain tumors, or any other cancers in children.”

The truth of the matter is that if you sleep next to your cell phone every night, as I do, you are exposed to more electromagnetic energy than by living near power lines (this is according to certified indoor environmentalists).

So if power lines haven’t proven to be a health risk, why would a buyer care if they lived by power lines?

Well the answer is pretty simple – for resale!

Even though nothing has been proven, the myth that power lines could harm you or your children mean most people try to stay away.

No matter how much research buyers do, many might always correlate power lines with cancer. You as a buyer may feel comfortable with it, but will the next buyer feel the same way?

Aside from the perceived health risk, power lines are just not attractive. Coming home every day to look at power lines doesn’t seem like the nicest scenery or view.

The bottom line is that if you as a buyer are willing to purchase a property near power lines, you may want to consider the disadvantages when it comes to resale.

No matter how much research you do into power lines, you can’t assume the next buyer will be so diligent or feel as comfortable.