For $1.5M, buy your own Chesapeake Bay island — and some goats

You can have an island in the Chesapeake Bay for your very own — that is, if you don’t mind having some goats as neighbor.

A 55-acre island inhabited only by about 30 goats is on the market.

The island is located just off the shore from the tiny Somerset County community of Ewell on the larger Smith Island.

The property has 1.26 miles of shoreline and has maintained its acreage quite well over the years, according to the real estate listing. The island also has existing electrical service.

It’s only accessible by boat, and is a short trip to Crisfield on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

The asking price: $1.5 million.

Two structures could be built on the property, according to The Daily Times.

Similarly-named islands are more notable elsewhere. There’s one at Niagara Falls. And a Goat Island is a popular attraction for visitors of the Marsh Walk in Murrell’s Inlet, S.C.

The official name of the island for sale in the Chesapeake is “Bradshaw’s First Purchase,” according to The Daily Times. It’s still owned by the Bradshaw Family, which has been close to selling it before.

Bob Bradshaw, a descendant of the initial owners, says he’s never set foot on the island. But he thinks the uniqueness of the property ought to help their cause.

He told The Daily Times, “How many islands are for sale in Chesapeake Bay?”

“I don’t know of any.”


As featured in the Baltimore Sun