Meet Our Newest Realtor: Nicole McKnight

We are proud to introduce our newest member of the Goodman Realtors family, Nicole McKnight!!

Nicole McKnight is a dynamic, energetic and high spirited professional. She is a new realtor with a zest for customer service, learning real estate markets, home remodeling and refurbishing. This passion for real estate has led her to become an enthusiastic Realtor. Nicole’s analytical and problem-solving skills have earned her a successful 20-year career as an IT professional. She has served in roles such as Developer, Business Analyst and Project Manager to name a few. She currently holds a PMP and CSM certificates plus a Master’s degree in Management.

Nicole is a resident of Montgomery County by way of Atlanta, Georgia. With integrity and excitement, she is eager to assist you in your home buying and/or selling campaign.

To learn more and to get her contact information, click here