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If Becoming a Realtor Has Ever Crossed Your Mind, Now Might be the Time

The pandemic is making us all rethink our future and financial planning.  For some people it has brought on new career opportunities, careers possibly they never thought they would be involved in. Thousands of people have been laid off and some are looking at this as an opportunity to go back to school and gain […]

Saving Money on Mortgages During the Pandemic.

With 2020 being a year of many twists and turns one of the industries that has fared well during this pandemic are home mortgage companies.  Whether you are seeking to purchase a new home or to refinance, now might be a great opportunity for you. With record low interest rates and record amounts of loans […]

House Flipping During COVID-19

With the real estate market seeing high returns on investments for homeowners that are selling, the market is also seeing the same or higher on house flips.  At its highest level since 2018, the national gross profit for a flipped home was $67,902 in the second quarter, up $6,000 from the year before. Although flipping […]

Tips for Selling Your Home During COVID

If you’re selling your home during the Coronavirus pandemic there are a few key things to keep in mind.  Most homebuyers are using online listings to view homes for sale so it’s important to stage your home to show as much functionality as possible.  You don’t need to hire professional stagers; Just use the furniture […]

Suburban Homes in High Demand

The COVID-19 pandemic has been reshaping the housing market over the past four months.  With cases on the rise in populated cities, experts are seeing thousands of homeowners packing up and moving to more suburban areas. If you live in a suburban area and are thinking of selling your home, now is a great time to […]

Current Real Estate Market Trends

2020 has been the year of lots of firsts for everyone and we are all dealing with not knowing what is going to happen from hour to hour. Between being an election year and dealing with a worldwide pandemic this has taken us all for a loop.  With that said, one market that has been thriving […]

Navigating the Current Real Estate Market and What to Expect

The year 2020 has caught the world by surprise with many factors no one was ready for. Making the decision to buy or sell your home is not easy and you might be questioning timing even more now. Based on current and historical trends, many families are leaving the highly populated cities and moving to the suburbs where it’s […]

It’s a Hot Seller’s Market Right Now

If you’ve been looking to sell your home, you might want to consider the present to do so.  COVID-19 has slowed a lot of businesses down, but the real estate market is definitely not one of them and the current state of the market isn’t expected to change any time soon. Many agents are offering […]