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Simple Steps to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

If you are considering selling your home, create a home selling plan, make a list, do your homework and take your time.  Interview several real estate agents and get their opinions on your home, a listing price, etc.  Then put your plan in motion. Whether or not to make repairs on your home and which […]

Homebuying Trends You’ll See in 2021

One of the industries most affected since the pandemic hit has been the real estate market.  It’s been booming since early 2020 and is expected to continue through 2021. There are three major trends expected to stay strong through 2021:  Homes selling at record setting paces, changes in budget and high home sale prices and […]

Tips For Selling Your Home This Spring

Right now it’s still a seller’s market so if you’re thinking of selling your home there are several things you should keep in mind while trying to sell your home in today’s market. When considering hiring an agent, make sure you meet with several.  Do not go with an agent just because they suggest a […]

What Experts Say About the 2021 Housing Market

According to many trusted sources the predictions for the 2021 real estate market looks strong especially for sellers, because of high prices and inventory low.  However, many studies are showing the the low inventory and rates will both be making a climb back to normal which could shake things up and give buyers a little […]

Lending Industries and Real Estate Right Now

COVID-19 has affected the landscape of how companies are doing business and the real estate market and lending companies are definitely included.  One of the biggest changes for the real estate market is viewing and buying homes remotely.  We have grown accustomed to when buying or selling a home the majority of it is all […]

The Current Must Have and Must Not Housing Trends

The housing market is staying strong going into 2021 but if you’re considering selling keep in mind some of the trends that are hot right now and those that are slowly working their way out. Homeowners are trending towards warmer colors in their homes while whites are fading in popularity.  Also the addition of a […]

The Strongest Housing Market in 15 Years is Coming in 2021

Home sales saw a growth of 5% in 2020 and experts are predicting a rise of more than 10% in 2021.  This is because Americans are taking advantage of low interest rates and purchasing homes that fit their new lifestyles.  In 2021 more new homes will be built than any other year since 2006 and […]

US Markets Set to Boom Post-Pandemic

Many changes in our everyday lives took place in 2020 which caused the housing market to be altered in many ways.  In 2021 though, we can see a potential for things to go back to how they were, sort of.  So many people moved away from cities when COVID-19 hit that it’s left a lot […]

Luxury Real Estate Trends in 2021

There has been a rise in luxury home purchases over the last year and Alam Khan, president of Luxury Portfolio International and founder/editor of Luxury Daily, doesn’t see that coming to an end in 2021.  For those who had their primary residence in a city, many have moved themselves to their secondary home away from […]

Home Sales Continue to Surge into 2021

Even during a never before seen pandemic, home sales are through the roof as we experienced yet another increase in sales during November. According to the national association of realtors this is the highest pace of home sales in the past 14 years. Even with unemployment at its highest in years homes keep selling. The […]