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Home sales prices in D.C. and the surrounding area hit new July highs

By Andrew Giambrone posted Aug 13, 2019 on dc.curbed.com D.C.’s median sales price was $592K. That of the metro area was $470K Rowhouses in D.C. Shutterstock The value of home sales in the District and its environs keeps climbing. Two new real estate reports say in July the median home sales prices for the city and the D.C. […]

Suburban sprawl has increased in the D.C. area since 1970: study

By Andrew Giambrone posted Aug 13, 2019 on dc.curbed.com Core areas of the city appear to have hollowed out until the current decade Aerial view of D.C. and its regional surroundings Shutterstock The population density of the D.C. region has gone up but also spread farther out during the past half-century, according to a recent analysis of U.S. Census Bureau […]

What Is a HUD Home? A Bargain With One Huge Catch

By Cathie Ericson posted Aug 7, 2019 on realtor.com fizkes/iStock; hudhomestore.com If you’re hoping to score a deal while house hunting (and who isn’t?), one bargain-basement option well worth exploring is a HUD home. So what is that exactly? Simply put, a HUD home is a property owned by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, […]

How Much Do You Know About Down Payments?

By SimplifyingTheMarket Staff posted August 6th, 2019 on simplifyingthemarket.com Whether you’ve owned a home before, or you’re ready to jump into homeownership for the first time, there are always a lot of questions swirling around about what is truly required for a down payment, and how to best source down payment assistance. Let’s tackle these […]

4 Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

By SimplifyingTheMarket Staff posted July 10th, 2019 on simplifyingthemarket.com Since June of last year, we have seen an increase in the inventory of homes for sale month per month. Every spring and summer, the inventory increases because people want to sell their home. For those with children, they may want to be in their new home […]

Appreciation Is Strong: It Might Be Time to Sell

By SimplifyingTheMarket Staff posted August 7th, 2019 on simplifyingthemarket.com There’s no doubt that today’s housing market is changing, and everything we see right now indicates it is time to sell. Here’s a look at why selling now is likely to drive the greatest return on your largest investment. Home values have been appreciating for several years […]

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Sell Your House

By SimplifyingTheMarket Staff posted July 31st, 2019 on simplifyingthemarket.com As a homeowner, it’s always tempting to dream about the next big project you’re going to tackle. The possibilities are endless. Should I renovate? Should I refinance? Should I stay? Should I move? The list goes on and on. In today’s housing market, it’s actually a […]

How to Judge the Impact of the Next Economic Slowdown on Housing

By SimplifyingTheMarket Staff posted August 1st, 2019 on simplifyingthemarket.com We’ve experienced economic growth for almost a decade, which is the longest recovery in the nation’s history. Experts know a recession can’t be too far off, but when will this economic slowdown actually occur? Pulsenomics just released a special report revealing that nearly 6 out of 10 of the […]

Mortgage Rates Steady as Fed Weighs Further Cuts

By Steve Goldstein posted Aug 1, 2019 on realtor.com David Ryder/Bloomberg via Getty Images Mortgage rates stayed steady, according to data released on Thursday, as the Federal Reserve considers further interest-rate cuts after its first reduction in a decade on Wednesday. Freddie Mac said the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 3.75% in the week ending Aug. 1, which […]