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Death by Decor: 5 Telltale Signs a Design Trend Is All but Over

vm/iStock Your mama probably warned you about the pitfalls of bowing to every trend. But of course, she didn’t grow up in this modern Pinterest- and Instagram-obsessed world, where it’s incredibly easy to get in line and follow the crowd. Take sliding barn doors, for example. A few years back, they were de rigueur. By 2017, they […]

Flip It Good! Top 10 Home-Flipping Hotbeds Where Profits Are Through the Roof

Getty Images; realtor.com Watching HGTV and the DIY Network, it just looks so easy to transform a home from an unpromising wreck into a seductive dreamboat—and to net big bucks along the way. Fun! Glamorous! Profitable! But here’s the off-screen reality: Flipping a home isn’t as easy as flipping channels. With tens of thousands of dollars at stake, […]

9 Delicious Outdoor Kitchens Just Waiting for a Buyer to Bite

realtor.com Memorial Day is finally around the corner, which means that those long months spent hibernating indoors are soon going to transition to long days spent outdoors—firing up the grill for some great al fresco dining. But though you’re outside, you don’t have to rough it. In more and more homes across the country, outdoor cooking has […]

7 Ways to Turn a Profit From Your Spring-Cleaning Project

csfotoimages/iStock Clearing out clutter from your home is a great way to start spring cleaning. But before you start throwing stuff away, you should consider the potential value of unwanted items. With a few extra steps, you can give your clutter a second life and earn some money doing it. Here are seven ways to turn a […]

Should Buyers Crowdfund Their Way Into Homeownership?

MicroStockHub/iStock In recent years, crowdfunding has become a popular way to pay for a remarkably wide range of ventures. Want to back a sliced-ketchup product, a self-serve cocktail machine, or maybe a charity race? Just pull out your smartphone. But more recently the technology has been moving a bit closer to home—right up, in fact, to your […]

12 Totally Unappetizing Things You Learn When You Try to Grow Your Own Food

Neustockimages/iStock Welcome to another spring, the season of fresh hope and naiveté. Right now, countless gardeners from coast to coast are eagerly awaiting the first tender peas and greens from their vegetable gardens. Nothing beats the pure flavors of your own home-grown food. Right? I’m not here to dispute that, or to talk you out of […]