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A Recipe for Misfortune? 7 Feng Shui Mistakes to Avoid in the Kitchen

asbe/iStock You work hard to shop for, prepare, and serve great meals to your family—which means cooking is stressful enough without the added layer of doing it in a room that feels a bit ominous. We’re not saying your kitchen has a secret gremlin that’s messing with your manicotti, but why take any chances? For the […]

DIY Disasters: 6 Easy Mistakes to Avoid With Hardwood Installation

LeventKonuk/iStock; realtor.com When it comes to do-it-yourself renovation jobs, hardwood installation can seem deceptively easy. All you need are a nail gun, kneepads, a steady hand, and a whole lot of wood. Right? But laying hardwood comes with more quirks and potential snags than you might expect. But don’t let all the planning and the “what […]

What Is the Fair Housing Act? Why Home Buyers and Renters Should Care

dra_schwartz/iStock What is the Fair Housing Act? Established in 1968, this federal law protects Americans from housing discrimination. In a nutshell, it means that all home buyers and renters should receive equal treatment and access to properties regardless of race, religion, gender, nation of origin, disability, or familial status (i.e., whether someone has children). The Fair Housing Act was […]

Outside Is the New Inside, and 7 More of the Year’s Biggest Outdoor Design Trends

The days are getting deliciously longer, temperatures are climbing, and the backyard barbecue invites are just pouring in. The seasons, they are a-changin’—and as we swing into summer, there’s no better time to give your outdoor space a boost. “This year it’s really about making your outdoor space function like an interior space for all things fun, lounging, and entertaining,” […]

What Is a Home Maintenance Inspection? A Health Checkup for Your House

zhz_akey/iStock A home maintenance inspection will clear up any concerns you have about the health of your house. Worried your roof has been compromised, or your foundation is a little worse for wear? A home maintenance inspection gives you a full picture of any below-the-radar repairs that need to be completed before you put your home up for sale. […]

5 Boffo Barndominiums: Converted Barns Have Undergone a Posh Progression

realtor.com Since we first noted the Texas-born trend a few years back, barndominiums have evolved from no-frills metal sheds into often spectacular living spaces—with distinct attitude. And the trend keeps moving forward and evolving. For one, the exteriors have morphed into a more stylish look that almost makes the barn go bye-bye. And the multipurpose […]

5 Surprising Speedbumps That Can Slow Down a Home Sale

baloon111/iStock Once home buyers and sellers have negotiated their way to an offer and have a closing date on the books, you’d think they’re totally in the clear, right? Well … not necessarily. Even the smoothest housing transactions can face a third-act twist no one saw coming. Here are some common speedbumps that can slow down a home […]

8 Types of Window Treatments That Shed Light on Great Design

baona/iStock Life is too short to cover your windows with plain plastic blinds or those printed curtains from Ikea that every college kid seems to have. Jump-start your creativity and revamp your shades with novel window treatments. Think of a window treatment as the accouterment that makes a room look polished, the accessory that ties the […]