Capitol Hill Trader Joe’s Is Open – Photo Essay & Customer Reaction

Trader Joe’s on Capitol Hill opened at 7:55am this morning.  There line was 112 customers long when the ribbon was cut and the doors opened.  The Capitol Hillbillies, a local band, played “When the Saints Go Marching In” as employees applauded and hung leis around necks of entering customers.

The store employs 160 and many are Capitol Hill residents, according to the new Trader Joe’s “Captain”, Tom Senior.  Senior says that the store features validated parking (for about 40 spaces)  – currently for an hour, but he hopes to expand that to 90 minutes next week.  The store is open seven days a week from 8:00am until 10:00pm and has 17 checkout stations with a single line, similar to the Foggy Bottom Whole Foods.

Councilmember Charles Allen showed up early, joining the line of customers.  Asked if he was there to shop, Allen said he would probably stop to do some shopping on the way home tonight, “…refrigerated goods don’t do that well in my office all day.”  He said, “Neighbors seem pretty excited to see Trader Joe’s in the neighborhood.  Being on top of Metro provides a convenient choice for shopping.”

Capitol Hill Corner solicited reaction from customers leaving the store.  Among the comments were the following:

“I love it.  Trader Joe’s is really cheap – it’s really a great deal.  The thing I like is that Trader Joe’s all have the same layout and it’s easy to find things.  I’ll still get my vegetables at Eastern Market during the summer.  It should draw more people on the weekends.”

“It’s smaller than I thought.”

“It’s big in there – really big.”

“They don’t have sugar-free products.”

“They have a good set up and decent prices.”

“It’s great to have.  The lines are shorter than the Trader Joe’s I usually shop in.”

“I was surprised it’s underground. I like the 19 cent bananas.”

“It’s great.  We’ve been waiting so long.”

“I usually shop at Safeway.  This is much nicer.  I’ll continue to get fresh produce at Eastern Market, especially on weekends.”

“I’m thrilled to have a Trader Joe’s.  It’s smaller than I expected.  I’m surprised it’s underground.  I’ll continue to shop at Eastern Market for things like fresh fish.”

“It’s wonderful.  I like Eastern Market, but prices are high.  I love Trader Joe’s.  The prices are really good.  I appreciate there will be an easy place to walk to at night.”

“I just love it.  It has a good selection of organic foods.  It seems designed to cater to singles and small families.  It fits well on Capitol Hill.  I’m very impressed with prices.”

“I can get everything I need.  The prices are right.  The staff is super friendly and polite.  I’ll continue to shop at Eastern Market for special occasions.”

“It’s a fantastic addition to the neighborhood.  I’m surprised it’s so big.”

“I’m glad they’re here. I’ll still go to Yes! for their broader selection of gluten free and organic products.”

“I really appreciate they always carry a selection of nice flowers less expensive that other stores.”


Featured in Capitol Hill Corner

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