Hello Maryland Neighbors! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Carlton Prophet and I am YOUR real estate expert for any and everything Clarksburg. Do you wonder what your neighbors are selling their home for, or how much your home is worth? Maybe you want to know if the Outlet Mall will bring higher home prices or what the average rental cost of a townhome is these days? I can assist you with the answers to any and all of your real estate questions.

I am a realtor with over a decade of experience in the local and national real estate world. I began my real estate career in Arizona where I still have a team based. There I was involved in residential, commercial, and investor-based real estate ventures. But you really need to know that I am a native of Maryland, and last year my family and I decided to relocate here to the Clarksburg area and we love it. I have studied and followed Clarksburg’s real estate trends and opportunities and I now want to be YOUR personal guide in the ever changing real estate world. Let’s make that connection now!!

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