COVID-19 and the Upcoming School Year

by | Aug 1, 2022 | 0 comments

Last year schools in the DMV made adjustments as needed to deal with the transition of going back to the classroom after the previous few years and dealing with the spread of COVID-19.  With summer travel and restrictions becoming less and less, there have been increases in cases due to the the variants of the disease.  Even with cases on the rise, school are going into the school year in hopes that no major changes will have to be made.

Baltimore County Public Schools state that they don’t feel they need to make any changes to their protocols but said they would go virtual again if needed.  Teacher and substitute teacher shortages are a concern across the country and it is feared that it could cause a disruption in playing catch up from the last few years.  Statistics showed that students in lower-income schools lost the equivalent of 22 weeks of learning and in higher-income schools 13 weeks of learning when the schools did remote learning for more than half the school year.

While schools were doing virtual learning, many of them installed better ventilation systems and made vaccines available for children as young as six months old.  Some schools had put testing regimens in place which prevented spring school closures.  Montgomery County Schools have a plan in place to go to hybrid or virtual learning if the COVID case rate rose to 5% and are working on an updated safety plan for the new school year.

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