Current Real Estate Market Trends

2020 has been the year of lots of firsts for everyone and we are all dealing with not knowing what is going to happen from hour to hour. Between being an election year and dealing with a worldwide pandemic this has taken us all for a loop.  With that said, one market that has been thriving is the real estate market.  If you are in the market to sell your home right now is a good time to test the waters.  In the current real estate market, it appears home prices will hit a 4 percent growth in 2020.

For buyers this could be a little more of a challenging time as home prices are on the rise, meaning, your money won’t go as far.  But on the positive side for buyers, interest rates are very low.  Although home prices are higher, with lower interest rates it’s a good market for buyers as well.

With current millennials and the COVID-19 pandemic, making sure you have a very strong online home listing that includes high quality photos and a virtual walk through are key for this time