Design Ideas for Entertaining and Family Gatherings

by | Nov 2, 2022

For some, one of the most important things when they are looking for a home is how they would be able to entertain in it.  Even if you don’t see the perfect layout in your next home, there are a few ways you can transform your space to make entertaining or visits from family easier.

An open concept is one of the easiest ways to include everyone at a gathering because this layout usually means that the kitchen, dining area and living room all open to each other.  It also allows everyone to spread out so they don’t feel cramped.  Another way to add openness to your home is to have glass doors or open cabinets in your kitchen.  Glassware is a great item to keep in these areas as more guests will be looking for a glass than a plate.

When deciding where to put furniture keep traffic flow in mind.  You don’t want areas that can become congested when you have guests over.  Same goes for kitchens; an aisle in the kitchen should give you about 42 inches to allow everyone to maneuver through without knocking a dish out of someone’s hand.

Add extra seating by incorporating window benches or built-in seating around a fireplace or focal point.  Buying furniture pieces that can be used as extra seating when needed is also a good idea.  Many of these pieces look like drums and can be used as side tables when not used as seating.  When considering how to arrange your seating areas, cluster pieces together to allow for guests to easily talk to each other and have conversations.

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