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Dupont Circle is located in the “Old City” of Washington, DC. It is a park, traffic circle, neighborhood and historic district in Northwest. The circular roadway connects Massachusetts Avenue NW, Connecticut Avenue NW, New Hampshire Avenue NW, P Street NW and 19th Street NW whereas the neighborhood extends to 16th Street NW, 22nd Street NW, M Street NW and Florida Avenue NW.

The Dupont Circle Park provides seating around a beautiful central fountain and entertainment with its permanent stone chessboards for both tourists and local alike. The neighborhood, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is home to numerous embassies, many of which are located in historic residences. The neighborhood in itself has become very trendy with the variety of shops, bars and nightclubs.

Although Dupont only has one Washington metro station within its boundaries, the Dupont Circle red line, every other line is within walking distance. If you are looking for the blue or orange line you can head over to Farragut West Station or if you are looking for the yellow or green, U Street Station is close by.

The area’s rowhouses, primarily built in 1900, are the larger dwellings compared to a concentration of condominium properties. While Dupont has been named one of the most expensive DC neighborhoods, it goes without saying that one will pay for the comfort of living and lounging in the same neighborhood.

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