Home Tech Trends for 2021

During 2020 we all spent many hours and months in our homes and likely many of us are now seeking a reboot.  There are tons of new home tech trends to help you accomplish this and give you a fresh boosts.

A few of the top trends include:

For your kitchen
Wifi instant pots – With this pot you can schedule and monitor your cooking with ease.
Ninja hot and cold pot – This device allows you to brew different sizes of coffee.

For the living room
iRobot Roomba S9 – This model has tremendously more suction power and can last 60 days without being emptied.

For the bedroom
The Bedjet3 – It has great heating and cooling abilities to help you get a much better night of sleep.

For the bathroom
The Euroto Smart Toilet Bide – This toilet has a wireless remote where you can customize everything from temperature, water pressure and more.

These are just a few home items that can help give you and your home a boosts for 2021.