If Becoming a Realtor Has Ever Crossed Your Mind, Now Might be the Time

The pandemic is making us all rethink our future and financial planning.  For some people it has brought on new career opportunities, careers possibly they never thought they would be involved in. Thousands of people have been laid off and some are looking at this as an opportunity to go back to school and gain more education, certifications and licenses.  With the real estate market booming many have decided to take the Realtors course and hop aboard a booming industry.

Real estate companies’ pre-licensing courses are filling faster than they can offer them.  With the demand of homes being sold so high, brokers need to hire more real estate agents to keep up with the demand. If you’re seeking a new opportunity and have an interest in the real estate market whether it be selling homes or working as a loan officer, now might be the time to take that journey.