The Interior Trends to Look For This Summer

by | Jun 2, 2022 | 0 comments

Some of this summer’s biggest interior trends are taking into account self-care and places for mental health and well-being.  Here are the hottest ones to look for during the coming months.

Open floor plans allow you to maximize the space you have and create more of a flow to your everyday life.  Socializing also becomes easier with less walls which can help you enjoy more time together as a family.  If you’re revamping your floor plan, think about adding a special place for your dog or cat.  “Barkitecture” allows you to show your appreciation for your four-legged friend by creating a luxury space for your pets.

Green hues are becoming more popular and the addition of country style designs.  So why not combine the two with beautiful green floral fabrics or wallpaper.  Bring the beauty outside with your dream garden.  Whether you’ve always wanted a vegetable patch or to be surrounded by whimsical foliage and flowers, bring some of your personality outdoors by adding a fire pit or a specific style of seating.

One of the best ways to feel good about yourself is to have an organized home.  A lot of new organization trends allow you to display your belongings in a neat way.  Whether it be file type slats in your kitchen to hold your plates or baskets on shelving to display your fruits and vegetables or children’s toys, the ideas are endless.